Educating Sharp Kids Differently

FOOD TRUCK FALL FESTIVAL CHAMPION  Entry Fee is $25                                                                                  Serve a specific entre of your choice as the competiton food for the public to vote.  The entre must be purchased, but if a Food Truck wishes to serve samples of their premier entre, they can, but it is not required.  For example, if your entre is a brisket sandwich, and you want to serve samples of bites of brisket, it is your choice.

Winner will recieve a trophy, press release, and a wiindow vinyl that States: 2020 Sharp Academy                                                                 Fall Festival Champion                                                                      Voters Choice, Lubbock, TX

PUMPKIN Character Carving Contest Entry Fee $5

Paint, decorate and/or carve a creative pumpkin character.  No scary or gory entries.  All entries must be child friendly. No candles, and no mechanical animation.                                                                                             First place ribbons in each age category:K-5th Grade    6th-8th Grade     9th-12th Grade    Adult

Costume Contest Entry Fee $5

Dress up in a creative character.  No scary or gory entries.   All entries must be child friendly. Costumes must be modest, no nudity, or  mechanical animation.

First place ribbons in each age category:                                          K-5th Grade    6th-8th Grade     9th-12th Grade    Adult 

Golf Ball Drop Rules For Full Contest Rules CLICK HEREExerp: Minimum of 1000 balls must be sold. If less than 1000 is sold the grand prize, second prize, and third prize will be reduced to 10% of the total gross amount of the balls sold. Any unsold golf balls numbers will become the property of LLDC/Sharp Academy. Golf ball numbers not sold will be ineligible to win and the next closest number to the pin or hole will win. A SOLD numbers list will be posted at the event with official names by each purchased number.  Prizes will be awarded as prepaid Visa or MasterCard.


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